SOLD on Iowa State Fair Fun!

(August 5, 2015, Des Moines, IA) – It seems that no matter how many times a person has been to the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa, there is always something new to discover. This year might be your year to discover the Iowa State Fair Auctioneer Contest, which is held at the Anne & Bill Riley Stage on Tuesday, August 18 at 9AM.

Hosted by the Iowa Auctioneers Association, the contest features 20 auctioneers from across Iowa and the Midwest competing for the coveted title of 2015 Iowa State Fair Auctioneer Champion.  The contest is a live auction event, where the 20 auctioneers sell their items to the buying audience.  During this competition, five out of state judges, score the participants based on speed, bid calling ability, salesmanship and other important traits of being a professional auctioneer.

“Auctions are fun and exciting, which makes this contest a great event for the Iowa State Fair,” said Chris Richard, Vice President of the Iowa Auctioneers Association(IAA).  “If you have never been to an auction, this is a great opportunity to see how some of the best auctioneers use their rhythmic chant to engage the crowd and sell.”

The Auctioneer Contest is free to watch and is open to the public.  Not only will the audience see a champion crowned that day, they will also have the chance to bid and buy on over 55 items that will be sold during the contest.  The live auction event features new merchandise including toys, tools, home décor & more, to be bought by the auction crowd.

“Iowa has a rich history with the auction method of marketing from selling farm machinery to antiques to livestock to land.  The IAA is grateful to be a part of the Iowa State Fair and to be able to showcase the auctioneer with this contest, ” stated Richard.

If you’re an avid auction goer or a first timer, don’t miss your opportunity to discover the fun of the Auctioneer Contest at this year’s Iowa State Fair.

The mission of the Iowa Auctioneers Association is to enhance the skills, knowledge, professionalism and image of all Iowa Auctioneers.  The IAA has been helping promote the auction method of marketing since 1949.

For further information or an interview, contact: Chris Richard 319.217.0657