Help Us Welcome Steve Greenfield as our 2017 Grand Marshall

Steve greenfield

Twice an Iowa State Auctioneer Champion, Army Veteran, and a Very Well Respected Auctioneer Professional

Meet Steve Greenfield. Steve is a retired auctioneer whose career spanned over 45 years and has conducted over 5,000 auctions, including; commercial liquidations, estates, real estate, consignment, specialty auctions and charity auctions of all types. He still helps raise money for charities and recently conducted an auction for the Mel Tillis Foundation.

Steve earned the title Iowa State Champion Auctioneer twice. He graduated from  Alexander Highschool in 1959 and immediatly traveled to Kansas City, MO to attend the Missouri Auction School; where twenty years later he would be invited to join their staff as a bid calling instructor. Steve attended Mason City Junior College (now North Iowa Area Community College) for 1 1/2 years. Mid year his secon year he and several friends enlisted in the army. After his military training he returned to the Alexandar area where he opened a small drive-in resturant in the neighboring town of Belmond. Business was great! He was open during the summer and in the winter Steve assisted an older auctioneer in the Belmond area. Steve eventually opened a travel treiler sales and rental center adjacent to his drive in resturant. Unfortunaly on Oct 14, 1966 a major tornado hit Belmond, killing six people, and destroyed the city. Steve's drive-in and travel trailer businesses were demonlished. He took what money he had, sold his car, personal assets, but it was not enough to pay off the debts he had. He packed his old duffel bag and hitch hiked to Des Moines with $7 in his pocket. He stayed at the YMCA downtown and got hired as a roofer. He worked 3 jobs to pay off his debt and it took nearly four years.  

Steve married his wife Barb in 1967 (and will be celebrating thier 50th wedding aniversary soon). Shortly after marriage with a $500 loan from his father-in-law, he opened an antique and used furnature store in West Des Moines. Within a few months he conducted his first auction. He admits the first couple of years were tough. He had few connections and said he couldn't wait for the day that the phone would start rining with people wanting him to conduct thier auctions. Slowly his phone started to ring, and did not stop for 45 years. Steve also had other endevors, such as: Iowa Liquidators, Greenfield Realty, Mega Furnature, Greenfield Productions, King Tool, and others. 

Steve and Barb still have business intrests in Des Moines, but now spend thier winters in Palm Harbor, FL and thier summers in Longville, MN. Together they have a son Ryan and a daughter Stephanie, both of whom reside in the Des Moines Area. Both attend the Countryside Community Church in Clearwater, FL and the Longville Bible Chapel in MN. 

Steve's favorite quote, “If you don’t know where you’re going with your life, look around, you’re already there.”